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Is continuous heartworm medicine necessary for dogs?PET LOVERS FORUM

December 24, 2004By Karen Steinrock, Special to The Morning Call Freelance

Dear Karen: Is there any statistical data on the incidence of heartworm occurring in dogs? I'm most interested in figures specific to the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. Why give Fido heartworm medication year round, when mosquitoes that transmit the disease are a threat only half the year?

While the incidence is highest in the Southeast, canine Comprar Levitra heartworm disease is present in all 48 contiguous states, so all dogs are at risk. Though regional patterns are clear, no finite statistics exist either nationally or by state on actual numbers of dogs affected since so many cases go unreported.

According to the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association, it would be difficult to conduct a statistically valid study because dogs not regularly taken to a veterinarian would be excluded, thereby skewing the results.

The original thought behind a 12 month preventative was to get dog owners in the habit of medicating the same time each month, to keep dosages consistent. Some of these products now guard against other types of worms and parasites ones that can infect dogs any time of year.

Understandably, some owners worry about side effects from chemicals such as Ivermectin used in Heartguard. Dr. Michael Moyer, president of the PVMA, says the preventive dose is 20 to 40 times less than what is used to actually treat such diseases as mange. "The dosage is so minimal and the benefit Methenolone Enanthate Para Que Sirve so great, side effects don't even register on my radar screen," he says.

He reminds owners that dogs kept inside are still at risk, as mosquitoes do get in the house, and it only takes one bad bug.

Bottom line? Whether to administer heartworm preventative year round is really an owner decision and should be discussed with your vet.

Dear Karen: I volunteer at Harrisburg's West Shore Humane Society and, on behalf of shelter volunteers everywhere, I have a Christmas wish. Those who volunteer with many different dogs and cats at shelters would love to know how animals we once cared for are doing.

My wish is to hear from the man who adopted Fred the Rottie, and the woman I cried with when she decided to adopt Gino because he looked like her dog that she just lost. What about Gemma the collie mix; Lola; Jax; Big Jake, the gentle giant my 3 year old walked on a dog walk; cute little Joey who stared out the back window at me as they drove away; sweet little Rosa; the old "Anadrol 50" yellow lab Tanner; Sadie, "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" the beautiful Rottie that someone finally took a chance on; Lady, the gentle basset/lab mix my child wrapped up in a leash; Nina, "Oxandrolone Powder India" the husky; Sanders, the dog that was almost blind and scared; Patton, the cute shepherd mix; Lucy, the spaniel we found after a bad storm; Morton; Bear; Elmer and Bowser? These and many other Masteron Subq dogs "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" touch the lives of shelter volunteers, and I'm sure they share my Christmas wish.

Please send us a letter or a picture or both. We would love to hear about the animals that you've welcomed into your families. Please take a minute and let us know they are OK and loved. Thank you and happy holidays!

Jen, Humane Society Volunteer

Dear Jen: This heartfelt holiday wish will resonate among readers, that's for sure.

I sincerely hope anyone who has adopted a pet Primobolan Nebenwirkungen from a shelter will take the time to send a letter and/or photo.

Though they deal with many dogs and cats, volunteers often get attached to their charges and would love to know.