30 Haziran 2016
1 Temmuz 2016

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SIMPLY flicking through a foreign dictionary or trying to recall O level vocabulary won't do businesses any favours in today's competitive global marketplace, believes Dr Cristina Sousa of the Regional Language Network North West (RLN NW).

In order to earn the trust, respect and, ultimately, business of international clients, she says, it is vital that Merseyside companies take the time and effort to communicate in their customers' own language.

Inter Europe Foods, who took "Anadrol 50" part in the RLN NW's CLASSIC initiative, is a fantastic example of a company that has successfully embraced foreign languages. It is time that more Merseyside businesses did the same, whether they choose to employ native speakers, non native speakers with language skills or train their existing staff in foreign languages.

After all, one in five companies is losing business because it doesn't have an effective international communication plan. Can your business really afford to miss out?

SINCE 1994, Southport based Inter Europe Foods Ltd has supplied big brand British frozen food products to airlines, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants throughout most of Europe, and particularly France and Spain. Of the 14 members of staff, only two people were able to speak foreign languages.

"I'm fluent in French and Spanish which has always been a huge benefit when it comes to developing good customer relationships," says administration director, Sonia Jessop.

"But we were getting more and more orders Masteron Female Dosage and enquiries from our French and Spanish customers which meant I was also needed elsewhere in the business to manage the administrative side of things.

"Although about 75pc of our customer base speaks English, they always respond better when we make the effort to talk their language. With "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" only one other multi lingual person on board, it was getting increasingly difficult to service the accounts effectively whilst still maintaining good customer service."

INTER Europe Foods knew they needed to cater for the growing French and Spanish speaking customer base and fast.

"One option was to give our existing members of staff French and Spanish lessons," explains Sonia, "but, realistically, it would have taken a "Anaboliset Aineet" long time for them to converse easily with our customers and time was of the essence."

With orders mounting up, it wasn't long before Sonia and the team considered the benefits of another foreign language tactic employing native speakers.

"We approached Liverpool University to see if they had any English speaking French or Spanish students looking for work and luckily they had a French student on board who had just finished a six month Business Studies course and was interested in working within the UK sales and export industry. Following a successful interview, we quickly "Anaboliset Aineet" offered her a job and we haven't looked back since."

Since then, the company has extended their relationship with the Primobolan And Sustanon Cycle university, having advertised for a further three native Spanish speakers.

"The appointments have been extremely successful and each time we have had an excellent response from applicants," says Sonia. IF Sonia was ever in any Oral Steroids Risks doubt about addressing the company's international communication, the results soon "buy cheap jintropin online" spoke for themselves. "Straight away, I noticed that customer relations were improving dramatically," she says.

"Whereas before, I constantly had to deal with foreign enquiries, now much of my time is freed up to manage administration. The feedback from customers has been fantastic."

The new multilingual staff now correspond with French and Spanish speaking customers by phone, e mail and fax on a daily basis and, according to Sonia, demand for their services is increasing rapidly.

"Thanks to the three appointments, we've noticed a definite rise in the number of enquiries we receive," she says.

"I'm convinced this is mainly due to the fact we are able to offer a dedicated sales person who can communicate fluently in the customer's language.

"True, a large proportion of our foreign clients are able to speak English but it's no secret that we've earned their trust and respect by making the effort to speak their language."

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